October 23, 2012


here is the stream of the single off of the up and coming EP that i promised you. i hope you enjoy. 

This track is a rendition of the song “I Say Fever” by Ramona Falls. It’s part of the EP entitled “Into It” that will be available for free download on October 30th via Potholes Music. God bless. 

July 31, 2012

∑r▲ - Breeding is a Crime

July 18, 2012

Ghost Feet - Pull Ups

June 25, 2012

Mars Water - The Great Northwest

June 25, 2012

White Rainbow - Racked Up Spatter Clock

June 17, 2012
hustle & drone / religious girls / unknown mortal orchestra

Crazy good shows tonight.

Hustle & Drone came out first and murdered it, way too strong of a set for them to be third stringing it for UMO. Fantastic synths and drum machine work with one of the best bassists I’ve ever seen playing his heart out. Did some research, turns out the keyboardist from Portugal. The Man left that band and started H&D, which helps explain their confidence and ability. Really great set from them. 

Up next was Religious Girls who, to my disappointment, were not a bunch of catholic schoolgirls. They played these incredibly intense, super percussion heavy songs. They had the noise and intensity of Lightning Bolt, the drums and yelps of Panda Bear and combined that with some gorgeous synth work. The best way for me to put it is that there are some shows which are great because of the songs and there are some which are great because of the experience. This was the latter. The intensity and passion with which they played was truly incredible and they’re giving Javelin a run for their money as for my favorite show of the year thus far.  

Finally was Unknown Mortal Orchestra. They were everything I hoped them to be and more - super noisy and dripping with distortion, fantastic guitar solos, jam sessions at the start middle and end of songs and so much more. Ruban Nielson’s technical ability was extremely impressive, I had no idea how intricate the guitar work was until I was watching him play the songs. UMO played an extremely good set, ultimately though they were slightly overshadowed by their openers.  

Bonus Notes/Thoughts:

  • I was standing in line to get a beer before the show started and one of the bartenders looked quite familiar, realized after a bit it was Kevin from Talkdemonic. Went up, introduced myself and talked to him for a bit about upcoming shows and the like. He was extremely nice and was quite willing to chat for a bit. Very much looking forward to seeing them again, it looks like I will have at least 2 opportunities this summer to do so.
  • During UMO, a girl behind me turned to her boyfriend commented that “he isn’t singing the songs right.” I have a problem with this - I’m pretty certain that if he wrote the songs, he can play and sing them however he wants. I also thought it was interesting that she didn’t complain about the fact that Ruban was extending guitar solos and there were prolonged jams between the songs.
  • I wish there was a better way to capture the intensity and energy of live performances. The studio work by Javelin, Hustle & Drone, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Religious Girls does no justice to how fantastic their efforts are in concert. 

June 1, 2012

Zammuto - Yay

This is the new solo project from Nick Zammuto, who you may or may not know from The Books. Current favorite album of 2012 so far.

May 19, 2012

MedicineHat - Garden Child

April 11, 2012

Animal Collective - The Purple Bottle

April 11, 2012

The Flaming Lips with Neon Indian - You Don’t Respond